About Lake Norman Videographer

WE PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. Specifically, it’s broadcast quality video and professional grade audio content for every project we do – big or small.
WE ARE AFFORDABLE. We didn’t say cheap—we said affordable. Day rates for full video/audio production, including equipment, start at less than a thousand bucks.
WE LOVE PEOPLE. It’s what helps us be empathetic towards you no matter who you are or where you’re from. It’s how we thrive in both corporate and nonprofit environments.
WE ARE DEPENDABLE. We are not your typical creative company that doesn’t know how to meet a deadline or write a contract that promises specific deliverables. We deliver every time, on time.
WE ARE AGILE. Our gear and our crew size are both surprisingly small, yet mighty. Most projects can be accomplished with a single videographer. Our standard audio/video gear package—1 video camera, tripod, lav mic, camera stabilization, 2 lenses, mini light panel, drone and more—can fit into a large backpack.
WE ARE GREAT COMMUNICATORS. It’s how we write great scripts and it’s also how we keep consistent valuable dialogue going from the beginning to the end of a project. We know you will find our transparent, straightforward approach refreshing.

starting at $275

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